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YFDFI-IP 8: Weekly Round Table Zoom Calls


Opening this thread for discussion about weekly round table discussion calls regarding the protocol and its benefits.

I suggest YFDFI secures the url and @kevin_defi or whomever is footing the bills for these servers owns it as a means of posterity

a paid zoom account should also be added to the development fund.

This will allow us to schedule with eachother seamlessly

Please comment below your thoughts.

A paid zoom account so that holders and the dev team can meet up and discuss updates ?


set up free calendly + free zoom

for now

The zoom idea with devs could create cohesive communication

I love this idea. Could even have seperate groups for design concepts and etc. so the creatives can mingle with each other and bounce off potential ideas. I think creating that type of social atmosphere and collaborative effort could be another unique asset to this community driven force we are becoming.


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