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Title: How to stake YFD ?
Post by: coohi66 on December 09, 2020, 11:09:45 pm
The Staking & Farming plan we have in place has been developed with the help of highly qualified CPAs alongside experienced blockchain developers familiar with DeFi ecosystems.
Our plan takes into account the expected growth and mass adoption of our platform. We have also prepared for various market conditions in order to reward long-term oriented investors.
The distribution structure of our rewards is such that it rewards early adopters of our platform and tokens, but keeps the rewards high at later stages. While the % of rewards will decrease over time, the value of the tokens we are giving out as rewards will increase, therefore the monetary value of rewards given out in each cycle and epoch should steadily rise in monetary terms while declining in nominal terms of how many tokens we are giving out, further driving scarcity after the initial distribution of tokens to the masses in the early adoption phase (approximately Cycle 1 and first half of Cycle 2) has concluded.
Follow us on any of our social media accounts listed below to stay updated. Liquidity Episode date will be announced in the coming weeks.